How to Clean a Smelly Drain

Finding yourself home after a long day at work and having to deal with a foul smell in your kitchen or bathroom drain is the last thing you want. Today I’m going to show you how to get rid of that awful smell in your kitchen sink, bathroom sink, or bathtub drain. It’s not just an unpleasant smell – it can also cause illness if it lingers day after day. But with a few simple things you can prevent the problem from coming back!

What is the Smell coming from my drain?

There are two likely causes for a bad smell coming from your drains. The first is a blocked drain. If you’ve done something to clog the drain and there is no water running through it, this can cause a smell. The second cause of bad smells in your house is sewer gas. Sewer gas arises when food waste builds up and decomposes in your drainage system. There are different ways to fix the issue of sewer gas, but the best way to make sure that you don’t have a smell problem is to keep your drains clean by pouring boiling water down them every month.

How do I get rid of that awful smell in a shower or bathroom sink?

You don’t want to get in the habit of ignoring a smelly, clogged drain because it could lead to more expensive plumbing disasters.

Baking soda and Vinegar

Using baking soda and vinegar act as an effective cleaning solution. To soften the scum on the drain, a clog-busting chemical like Drano should be used. Next, cover the drain with the mixture from step one and let it rest for 10 minutes. After it has stopped bubbling, empty it into the bucket that was set for both steps one and two. Now rinse out your tub and sink with hot water in a well-aired shower room to make sure most of the smell is gone before leaving home

Boiling water or vinegar

Pour boiling water or apple cider vinegar down it. If you’ve already poured vinegar with a dirty drain, add boiling water and let it sit for 20 minutes before flushing again. You don’t need to use hot-hot water, just cold or lukewarm. When using boiling water, remember not to let it touch anything else; especially not your skin.

Clean Out Your Sink’s P-Trap

P-traps, otherwise known as the traps through which all the water goes through before it leaves your sink, are a source of foul odors in your sink when they get clogged with food or hair. One method to avoid having these odors escape into your house is getting down on your hands and knees. Using one hand as a tool, use the index finger of that hand to poke around the pipe until you feel some buildup. To remove the clog, stand back arid and smack the water jet into the P-trap like an idle chewing gum would dislodge anything stuck inside.

Clean the drain vent

Sometimes the sink or garbage disposal drain can smell so bad that the smell makes you gag, even if you’re not near it. There are many vents near a kitchen sink hole and they should all be routinely cleaned out to prevent unwanted odors from seeping into your home. To clean the vent, use a vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment.

How to Prevent Stinky Drains for Good

A few tips to prevent the unfortunate consequences of dirty sinks and toilets:

  1. Keep your drain clean – it’s not just a good idea, it’s a crucial part of your routine maintenance.
  2. Avoid chemicals – Adding bleach and other chemicals might help you smell better, but they also create more work and higher costs later on when they corrode your pipes.
  3. If you have time, hire a professional drain cleaner to use their jackhammer method on a regular basis.

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