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We offer a full line of services for all your plumbing and drain cleaning needs. We specialize in Residential and Small Commercial plumbing. Make an appointment today to get a quote!

Toilet Repair &  installation

Toilet Repair & installation

Leaky toilet and clogged toilet repair

Floor Drain Repair

Floor Drain Repair

From small cracks to major corrosion, we'll repair your drains and get them back to top-notch condition. Free On-Site Estimate

Emergency Plumbing

Emergency Plumbing

Get in touch for immediate help with your current emergency

Bathroom Repairs

Bathroom Repairs

Reliable, Affordable, & Long-Lasting Repairs.

Faucet repair & installation

Faucet repair & installation

If you need a new and improved faucet for your bathroom or kitchen call Plumber To Your Door, we can repair almost any valve ever made!

Water Leak Detection and Repair

Water Leak Detection and Repair

We can help you find a leak before it becomes a disaster.

Water Heater Repairs

Water Heater Repairs

We offer affordable water heater installation and replacement services.

Backwater Valve Installation

Backwater Valve Installation

Ensure you're not left without a backwater valve in the event of a water main break, on your property or on the street.

Our Drain Cleaning Services in Mississauga

If your home or business in Mississauga is experiencing a clogged drain, our professional drain cleaning services can help. We use the latest techniques and equipment to clear drains quickly and efficiently. We also offer preventive maintenance services to help keep your drains clear and free-flowing. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Clogged Drain Cleaning Mississauga

Clogged Drain Cleaning

Your clogged drain is a headache and it can be due to a number of different things. Sometimes it can be as simple as leftover food or too much hair buildup, but other times it can be a buildup of materials like tree roots, fat, hair, soap scum and grease.
If your drain has been blocked for a long period of time or if you are experiencing other issues with your plumbing, it is best to call in the professionals.

drain pipe cleaning Kitchener

Main Sewer Drain Cleaning

We can provide expert rooter services for your sewer drain. After clearing out the clog, we use our state-of-the-art equipment to flush out any remaining debris. There are many things that could be causing your drain to clog and we will diagnose the problem so you can get cleaned up. Our service is designed to clear all of your sewer drains and make sure that they stay free flowing in your home or business.

Clogged Shower Drain Cleaning Mississauga

Shower Drain Cleaning

Standing water in your shower can be very frustrating. You're limited as to how you can use your shower and it's also a risk of getting sick or even mold. A lot of people don't realize that the drain is one of the most important parts of your shower, so you should make sure that you hire someone to clean it out regularly.
Take action by calling in a professional plumber. Your home will thank you for it!

Cleaning Services in Mississauga

Laundry tub drain

A clogged or broken laundry sink drain can make your whole house smell like rotten eggs and it can cause water damage to the walls and floors below, as well as in the ceiling. If you are looking for a fast, effective and affordable solution to your problem, then you should consider getting the complete drain cleaning services.

Blocked Dishwasher Drain Cleaning

Blocked Dishwasher

Over time, the pipes carrying water to your dishwasher may become clogged with food residue and soap scum. This buildup can cause your dishwasher to stop draining, leading to a plugged drain. If you suspect that you have a blocked drain line in your home, call our technicians at Plumber To YourDoor today. Our team is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for emergency service.

Clogged basement floor drain cleaning in Mississauga

Clogged Basement Floor Cleaning

It’s not uncommon to have a basement that is filled with debris or even abandoned items. If the dirty water has built up to the point that it is no longer draining, you need a professional who can quickly and efficiently unclog the drain and restore it back to its normal functioning state.

grease trap cleaning

Grease Trap Cleaning

If you're in need of grease trap cleaning services, our team at Plumber To Your Door Door Mississauga is here to help. We understand that grease traps can quickly become clogged, and can cause all sorts of problems if not cleaned on a regular basis. That's why we offer comprehensive grease trap cleaning services that will leave your grease trap clean and clear.

We'll remove all the built-up grease and debris, and make sure that your grease trap is working properly. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Drain Camera Inspection

Drain Camera Inspection

If you have a clogged drain, you may need to get a drain camera inspection. This is where a small camera is inserted into the drain to see what is causing the blockage. Often, a clog can be removed with a simple plunger or snake. However, if the clog is more severe, you may need to get professional help. A drain camera inspection can help to determine the cause of the clog and the best way to fix it.

Emergency Plumber in Mississauga

Having a major plumbing emergency can happen at any time of the day or night and we know just what to do. If you wake up in the morning and want to take a shower but your water is cold or not working, don’t panic! Not having hot water on demand all the time is not uncommon here in Mississauga and can happen for a variety of reasons such as homeowner negligence, frozen pipes, or even an ice storm.

Plumbing Emergency! We are phone call away! 

Whether it’s a burst pipe, a water leak, a broken toilet, a blocked drain or clogged pipes, the first thing you should do is call an emergency plumber fast. Our service trucks have all of the tools and advanced training needed to have your home back up

Mississauga Emergency Plumber

Our plumber can handle any plumbing issue you have

Faucet repair

Leaky Faucet Repair

A leaky faucet can cause a lot of damage to your home. It's the first step in water damage and the most common reason for costly plumbing repairs. If you're looking for help, then our plumbers are always available to provide you with plumbing services such as leak detection, repair or replacement.


Toilet leaking around the base

If you notice water leaking from the base of your toilet, it could be because of the toilet's wax ring. You may need to replace this ring if it's been damaged or worn down.
Here are some ways to fix it: 1) Clean the seal where the toilet meets the floor.2) See if you can hear or feel water coming from the base of your toilet.3) Make sure that your toilet is installed correctly and doesn't have any cracks in its bowl.4) If none of these work, it might be time to call a professional plumber


Plumbing maintenance​

Plumbing maintenance is something that a lot of homeowners don't think about regularly, but it is extremely important. The best way to maintain your plumbing systems is by hiring a plumber who can conduct annual plumbing maintenance on them. A winter preventative service can also be conducted during the coldest months to make sure that your pipes don't freeze and burst while they are thawing!

Water Heater Repairs & Replacements in Mississauga

Hot Water Tank Installation

If you are experiencing a problem with your water heater, or if it is in need of an upgrade, we will be happy to take care of the job for you. Our expert plumbers can repair any water heater issue you might be having.
We can take care of the water heater installation for you. We have years of experience in working with water heaters and understand how to install them properly.

Sump Pump maintenance Mississauga

Sump Pump Maintenance

If your sump pump fails, the water from your basement can rise to levels that are unsafe. A backup pump is a significant investment, but it will save you from having to spend money on repairs, and it will keep your basement safe during power outages.

Low water pressure repair

Problem with low water pressure

When water pressure is low at home, it's a major inconvenience. It makes it difficult to do things such as wash dishes, take a shower, or even flush the toilet. Low water pressure can also be caused by slow running pipes or a leaky faucet. If you're experiencing low water pressure for some reason, don't worry! We're here to help!

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I know nothing about plumbing and its costs. I called one company and they were ridiculous about their plumbing! They charged me a service fee for the quote as well. I called plumber to your door based on referral from a friend. Theyre not the cheapest, but I liked their honesty. They fixed my clogged toilet problem and toilet replacement at affordable costs.