Kitchen Garbage Disposal Installation in Toronto and Mississauga

A reliable garbage disposal system is a great way to make your life easier in the kitchen. They help you improve your cleanliness in the kitchen while also preventing your kitchen drains from getting clogged by food and other substances as you work in your culinary space.

Plumber To Your Door is a locally owned and operated plumbing company that offers state-of-the-art plumbing services in Toronto and Mississauga. Our company will help you install, replace or repair any waste disposer equipment in your kitchen drains.

Plumber to Your Door Garbage Disposal Repair

Price for Garbage Disposal Installation in Toronto starts from $380+ taxes. Call us at: 866-306-2080


When Garbage Disposal Replacement is Necessary?

  • The Unit is Outdated or Has Exceeded Its Lifespan (Usually 8-12 Years)
  • The Unit is Making Loud or Unusual Noises
  • The Unit is Constantly Clogged or Jams Frequently
  • The Unit is Leaking From the Bottom
  • The Unit Doesn’t Turn on or Has a Broken Motor
  • The Unit Produces a Burning Smell
  • The Unit Has a Cracked or Broken Housing
  • The Unit Has Rusted or Corroded Parts
  • The Unit is Inefficient or Not Grinding Food Waste Properly
  • Repair Costs Outweigh the Cost of a New Unit.