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Why do you need to hire a Master Licensed Plumber?

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You don’t need a master licensed plumber to fix a leaky faucet. But if you plan to remodel your bathroom or install a new one, hire someone with master plumbing licensing. A licensed master plumber is also the right professional to hire if you’re building an new home and want it to pass inspection. Cities and counties often require a builder to hire licensed contractors for certain projects to ensure public safety and quality workmanship in the finished product. Master Plumbers are experts at their job, and they have proven that they have the skills and knowledge needed to perform all aspects of plumbing services. If you’re planning on having them do work on your home or business, ask what kind of license they have before agreeing to anything.

What is a Master Plumber?

A master plumber is a licensed tradesperson who performs specialized work involving water systems and plumbing. Because their work is so complex, master plumbers must have a high level of expertise and knowledge about their field. They must also pass an exam and be licensed by the state in which they live. In most places, only the master plumbers who are members of the National Association of Master Plumbers (NAMP) can legally call themselves master plumbers. They typically charge more than general plumbers, because they have more experience, more training, and more knowledge. Master plumbers can install and repair all areas of a water system — including the water supply, water distribution, waste water lines, and water-using appliances, fixtures, and equipment. While general plumbers may also do some of this work, a master plumber is usually needed for the most difficult repairs or installations.

Why Hiring a Licensed Master Plumber is Important

You can’t just hire any Joe off the street to do plumbing work and call him a master plumber. Actually, you can. But you’ll be taking a big risk by doing so, because you don’t know what type of training or experience he has. Doing so could put you at risk of injury, poor workmanship, or even an insurance claim if you slip and fall while the work is being done. But if you hire a master plumber with proper licensing, you know they have the skills, experience and training needed to perform the work safely, correctly, and efficiently. If you hire someone who isn’t properly licensed for the job you’re having done, your insurance company could deny a claim (or offer a very small settlement amount) if you have an accident. If you have homeowner’s insurance, you don’t want to risk having those benefits denied. Always make sure the licensed master plumber you hire is properly insured so if you have an accident, or damage occurs, your insurance will cover it.

Licensing Requirements for Master Plumbers

Every state has different licensing requirements for master plumbers. Typically, a master plumber must have a certain number of years of work experience in the field, a high school diploma, a state-approved training program, and pass a written exam. Requirements vary by state and some cities have their own licensing, contracting, and permit requirements. Make sure you check with your city’s building department before having any work done to make sure the contractor is properly licensed. If not, the city could fine you. Some states, such as Colorado, require master plumbers to get certified every five years by taking a test. Other states may require master plumbers to be certified to work in certain areas like commercial plumbing, water distribution, and waste management. In some areas, you may need to hire a master plumber who is certified to work on federal projects, such as in a military base.

Dangers of working with unlicensed contractors

The dangers of working with unlicensed contractors can be serious, ranging from minor inconveniences to death. In some cases, unlicensed contractors have been known to do shoddy work that has to be repaired or redone, or worse, cause damage to your home or property. In cases where unlicensed contractors have been found, they have been fined and even imprisoned in extreme cases. You may have a difficult time collecting payment from unlicensed contractors, too. That’s because they don’t have the same legal obligations as licensed contractors. If they don’t finish the job or don’t do it correctly, you may have a difficult time collecting payment.

Things to look for when hiring a licensed master plumber

When selecting a licensed master plumber, make sure they have experience working on projects similar to the one you need done. Also, check their references and make sure they are insured and bonded. And if you’re remodeling, make sure they have experience working in homes that have copper plumbing, since some plumbers don’t have the experience or training necessary to work with it. Copper plumbing is a specialized type of plumbing, and it can be dangerous if it’s not installed properly. If you have copper plumbing, make sure the licensed master plumber you hire is certified to work with it.


Hire a licensed master plumber to do work on your home or business. It’s important because you don’t want to hire an unlicensed contractor and be taken advantage of. Licensed contractors have to follow certain regulations and have a certain amount of liability coverage to protect you in case something goes wrong. Unlicensed contractors don’t have to follow regulations and can be risky to hire.